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Ever wondered about SaaS pricing and wishing that there was a list where you can check out the prices of different SaaS companies? Wouldn't be great if you can filter out the companies that offer freemium, free trial, subscription and other pricing options?

How about accessing companies' value metrics and screen shots of their pricing page in one place?

Well, you can find answers in a single list that contains all of the above for 300+ companies.

At, each company has:

  • screenshot of its pricing page
  • value metric
  • pricing features: subscription, per user, freemium, free trial, usage based, enterprise - contact us
  • Min and max monthly pricing 
  • Market it competes

As the saying goes in pricing, "do not let pricing be a barrier for your customers". Subscribe right now to check out how hundreds of SaaS companies are pricing their product. 

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
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SaaS prices of 301 companies

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SaaS Pricer

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